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Area West Engineers
Land Surveying Services
Land Surveying Services

Control Surveys - Horizontal and vertical, including Project Control Surveys and aerial mapping control surveys.  Restoring, renewing, referencing, relocating and resetting existing control monumentation

GPS Surveys – Horizontal and vertical control surveys, RTK and Static surveys, topographical surveys

Topographic Surveys - Through ground survey methods utilizing Data Collection software

Lot Line Adjustments - Preparation of the required County or City application, site map, resultant legal description and exhibit map, and Transfer Deeds if required by the Title Company

Tentative and Final Parcel and Subdivision Maps - Preparation of the required County or City application, project representation at public meetings and hearings, preparation of the Final Parcel and Subdivision Map for recordation, setting of required monumentation

Record fo Survey Map - Preparation of the required County or City application, preparation of the Record of Survey Map for recordation, setting of required monumentation

Cross-Section Data Collection - Through conventional and data collection software

Special Design-Data Surveys - Including, but not limited to the following types of work:

  • Title Reports
  • Property Surveys
  • Appraisal Maps
  • Acquisition Documents
  • Application Maps
  • Supplemental Maps
  • Disposal Documents
  • Relinquishment and Vacation Maps
  • Right of Way Record Maps
  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys
  • Calculations and Drawings in English or Metric Units

Survey Data Formatting - Formatting topography, cross-sections, and other work to be performed by construction contractors.

Construction Staking Surveys - All phases of construction staking as needed for any construction project.

Right-of-Way Surveys - Monumenting right-of-way lines, staking right of way fences, and preparing and filing/recording required maps and legal descriptions.

Perpetuating Existing Monumentation - Restoring, renewing, referencing, and resetting existing boundary-related monumentation and preparing and filing/recording required maps and legal descriptions.

Preparation and Maintenance of Survey/Right-of-Way Documents - Compiling and maintaining survey field notes, maps, drawings and other survey/right-of-way documents.

Preparation of a FEMA Elevation Certificate - Perform the required field survey and office calculations to prepare a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Elevation Certificate

Preparation of a FEMA LOMA, CLOMR, LOMR - Perform the required field survey and office calculations to prepare and process the FEMA LOMA, eLOMA, CLOMR, and LOMR Certificates.  Being eLOMA Certified, AWE can process the LOMA application electronically which greatly reduces the 60 day review time with FEMA.

Is there something we can help you with, you got a question about your property, or you need to ask a question about a service we offer, feel free to drop Charlie a line at, or give him a call at (916) 725-5551.  We look forward to hearing from you.

What's a Survey cost?
When a perspective client calls our office, one of the first things out of their mouth is, "What's this going to cost?"  Our answer to them is, "It depends."  The cost of a survey can vary widely depending on the complexity of the survey.  In short, a survey can cost as little as $500 and to more than $10,000.

Below are some of the factors that go into determining our cost for services:

  • Location of the property - in the city or in the hills
  • The properties topography - flat or mountainous, brushy or clear
  • Is the Deed a 'metes and bound' description, a section breakdown, or a 'lot and block' description
  • What's the purpose of the survey - to build a fence or building, or to split the property
  • The number of current surveys performed in the area
  • Is there a possibility that the surveyed boundary be subject to litigation
  • How many easement encumber the property and their complexity
  • Controlled by State Law, do we have to file a Record of Survey with the County Surveyor's Office, or can we file a Corner Record with the County Surveyor's Office

No two properties are exactly alike.  Each property has it's own challenges that have to be overcome in order to complete the survey accurately.  Once we have been given some information on the site and the property address at the least, we can begin our research to determine a more accurate fee for services.  We can do a majority of our research in-house, which includes looking up property information based on the property address and Assessor's Parcel Number, obtaining a copy of the Grant Deed, and initial research at a Title Company, if necessary.